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April 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Multi-Lab on April 03, 2017

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Feng Shui Your Lab

Running out of space in your current lab? Need more room and organization for your instruments? It might be time for a lab re-design. It may not be more square footage that you need, it may just be finding a better way to utilize the space that you already have.

Our quoting and estimating team can put together a virtual lab using the measurements of your current space to create a more user-friendly lab design. You will be able to see your new lab and make changes before manufacturing even begins. Our team has dealt with many different lab sizes and shapes and can help you choose a layout that will best suit your lab needs.

Multi-Lab is all about creating a space that works perfectly for your company. Our labs are not "one-size-fits-all." Customization is our specialty. If your lab houses a special instrument, we can build a component to accommodate it, large or small.

Another reason for re-designing your lab may be because you have recently purchased a lab but it was used for an entirely different purpose than your company will be using it for. This may be for layout and/or safety reasons. If your company is working with highly senstive products like food testing or medication, you will not want to be using all the same surface as a lab that was testing paint solutions. Or maybe you just feel like it is getting too cluttered. You may need to add more storage.

There is more than one reason to update! Sometimes you don't realize what a little feng shui can do for you space! Call us today to get a quote on a labe face-lift or even a full lab design!


Below is a photo of a couple Multi-Lab laboratory Fume Hoods.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 3.14.22 PM.png

Pittcon 2017

Another great year at Pittcon! Multi-Lab traveled down to Chicago, IL to set up a booth at the 2017 Pittcon Conference and Expo, the world's leading annual conference and exposition on laboratory science. There were more than 700 exhibiting companies and thousands of visitors from around the world.

It was a great experience to get a hands-on look at the latest laboratory instruments and provide companies with information on creative a lab that will suit their needs and instruments.

We are already gearing up for Pittcon 2018 in Orlando, Florida!


Associate Spotlight

Char.jpgName: Charlotte Merrill

Role: Marketing & Quality

From: Shelby, MI

Favorite Sport: Is gardening a sport?

Favorite Food: Monte Cristo, but it has to have jelly!

What do you like to do for fun? It depends on the season. Boating is at the top of my list. Otherwise snowboarding, decorating my house, hiking/camping, just being outdoors.

Favorite show right now? Peaky Blinders for Netflix, but Fixer Upper for regular TV.

Fun Fact: I ride a 1972 Honda CL350. Her name is Rhonda.

What is your favorite part about working here? I am challenged every day with new projects. I love the variety of work I get to do here. I went to school for Graphic Design, so it's nice to know these school loans weren't for nothing! But what I really love about working for Multi-Lab is the people. We all treat each other with respect and try to have a fun time while we're here.

A Note from the CEO

Spring Cleaning is in full swing at Multi-Lab! We recently reorganized our shop to create a better workflow. I am very impressed with the outcome of the project. It's amazing what moving a few things around can do for your work environment! A bit of "feng shui" as put in the first article of the newsletter.

- Mark

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