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July 2017 Newsletter

Posted by Multi-Lab on June 30, 2017


When designing your lab, you have many options when it comes to countertops. The type of countertop you choose for your lab typically depends on what you are doing on the countertops. Testing chemicals? Working with food? Cutting? Once you know the answer to that question, you can properly choose a counter material to fit your labs needs. Our standard 3/4” phenolic tops are designed for a demanding environment. They are impact, scratch and wear resistant and do not absorb or retain moisture. A step above the standard is the chemical resistant solid phenolic tops. Chemical Resistant Solid Phenolic Compact is one of the most durable decorative surface materials available. Along with all the qualities of the standard, it is also chemical resistant.

If you are solely working with non-harsh chemicals such as food and other mild substances, you have more options. Butcher-block countertops are very appealing to the eye and are durable when it comes to cutting. Butcher-block is also a great contrast to steel cabinets. Corion is another option for food industry labs. These countertops have more of a quartz look to them but without the high price tag. They are durable, seamless, repairable and easy to clean.

Whatever type of countertop you land on, Multi-Lab can help you order it. We do not manufacture countertops here but we have the means to order almost any style. Our quoting and estimating team can help you make a decision and get the correct material and size ordered.


Below is a photo of a specific type of bend our Prima Power machine is capable of. A typical brake press cannot make this radius bend without flaws.




Our Shop, Your Shop

Multi-Lab specializes in laboratory cabinetry but we have made a lot of products to help us be more efficient in manufacturing these cases. Our shop has the means to create many steel products other than steel cases. Our associates have made many different style racks and carts to help transports and hold parts in the different areas of the shop. These carts and racks have been very helpful in our day to day work environment. We would like to offer these to our fellow shop owners or anyone in need of material handling equipment. We are able to make almost any size and customize these racks/carts to accommodate your shop needs. Please contact Multi-Lab at 616.846.6990 if you are interested in a steel product like the ones pictured to below. These are just a couple of photos, so if you have something else in mind, just ask!


steel-product-1 steel-product-2


Associate Spotlight


Name: Michael Wall

Role: Press Brake set-up/Operator

From: Wolf Lake, MI

Favorite Sport: “Dirt Biking”

Favorite Food: “Fricano’s Pizza”

What do you like to do for fun? “Riding my dirt bike, shooting pool and playing my guitar.”

Favorite show right now? “The Walking Dead”

Fun Fact: “I’m a fountain of useless musical knowledge.”

What is your favorite part about working here? “Working with great ownership and the fine folks that work here. Oh and running the Prima Vera!”(Referring to our Prima Power Bend.)



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