Custom Steel Fabrications & Piece Work 

As well as providing our clients with durable, high quality lab benches, tables, countertops, fume hoods, and more, we also offer custom steel fabrication for nearly any application. If you need steel parts, assemblies, or furniture that is not part of our standard product offerings, we can create it for you.

We’ve created unique steel components for numerous applications in the laboratory, food manufacturing, automotive, and technology industries. We have the capability to fabricate single pieces, as well as complete assemblies to meet your needs and specifications. Just as we do with our superior lab furniture, we use premium cold rolled steel, sourced from the United States for custom fabrication projects.

In addition to our custom steel fabrication services and customizable lab products, including our adjustable-height tables and apron tables, we are also able to create other custom tables to your specifications. We can create the perfect table with the right work surface for your laboratory or work space, no matter the degree of complexity. See our countertop surface options here.

 To speak with someone about your special project or piece work please call 616–846-6990 so we can provide you with a quote.

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