Multilab Products

Multi-Lab produces high quality laboratory furniture to meet all of your lab needs, from fume hoods and countertops to steel casework and workstations. Our durable and functional products are designed for excellent performance in laboratory conditions, in any industry.

In addition to our individual furniture products, we also offer Labs-To-Go, complete laboratory kits with all of the furniture necessary for your lab, in a variety of options to suit your specific requirements. Labs-To-Go can include fume hoods, casework, sinks, and other fixtures; just select the lab that works for your application.

All of our laboratory furniture and Labs-To-Go products are manufactured in the United States, with lab-grade materials selected for their performance characteristics. Our lab furniture is customizable and adaptable, with numerous feature, accessory, and design options for function and appearance.

To learn more about our product offerings, please select any of the product categories on this page. You may also view our product catalog or contact us for more information on our laboratory furniture and Labs-To-Go kits.



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